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Dropbox institutes a copyright no-fly list: file hashing against a blacklist

In Cloud-computing, two surefire ways to go out of business quickly are: 1. Violate your customer’s privacy 2. Non-compliance with intellectual property law So how does a SaaS company insure compliance with a copyright takedown notice without breaching customer privacy? According to TechCrunch, Dropbox’s new solution is file hashing against a blacklist. The new system…

We’re all in the data privacy business now.

People sometimes ask me why I am obsessed with privacy and data law. Why? Because if one does business internationally, then it appears that one is now also in the business of data privacy. This Reuters article, “Data privacy shapes up as a next-generation trade barrier“ is directly on point.

Data Law: Good News and Bad News

SPOILER ALERT: This is the first blog entry and will not cover anything substantive. Congratulations! By reading this, you have shown your interest in data law. Just what is data law? Data law is the law relating to the management, usage and ownership of data. But what does that really mean? Data law is one…